There are many benefits of expunging your Travis County arrest, misdemeanor or felony. By successfully expunging your criminal record, you will be able to legally say that you were not charged for, or convicted of a crime on any applications for employment or housing. You will be able to pass most background checks, which may make it easier to gain professional certificates, find secure employment, obtain desirable housing, and be eligible for loans.

When your criminal record is expunged, the record of your offense is destroyed and the court sends an order to all justice agencies prohibiting the release, dissemination, or use of the offense. The court usually updates their records within 48 hours after the expungement is granted. The court then sends an order to relevant agencies, such as the DPS (Department of Public Safety), who have 30 to 60 days upon receiving the order to update their records to reflect your granted expungement. The DPS is the main source for information on public records, so once the DPS records have been updated, anyone seeking information about your case will see that the conviction has been expunged.

What if I have to Show my Expunged Record

In the event that you should ever have to disclose your criminal record, such as when applying to serve in the United States military, you are able to say that though you were arrested, or convicted of a crime, that a judge in the Travis County court of law deemed that you have been rehabilitated since your offense, for which you were granted the expungement.

In addition, by expunging your Travis County criminal record, you have the right to your privacy. If your mugshot is being advertised on Mugshot websites that charge to have your booking photo removed, you may be able to have your mugshot taken down free of charge.

Everyone deserves a second chance in life. Do not let a blemish on your criminal record or the crimes of your past continue to haunt you, preventing you from moving on to a better quality of life. To begin the expungement process, you will need to get as much information about your case as possible. To find out more information about your case, you can contact your respective Travis County Courthouse by visiting their website at

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