interview resume tipsIf you have reached the highest form of criminal record relief or still carry a criminal record that is ineligible for expungement or sealing, enhancing the presentation of your resume is an excellent way to attract employers, regardless of your criminal record situation.

With nearly 80% of employers conducting background checks during the hiring process, your chances of securing employment can be improved by presenting yourself as a productive, influential member of society through your resume.

Volunteer work and extracurricular activities are a way of expressing your commitment to serving your community, as well as your positive attitude.

Helping clean up at a State beach, preserving a State park’s natural habitat, assisting the elderly at a convalescent home, or dog walking for your community are just a few opportunities to consider pursuing.

Your commitment to the community is a topic worth bringing to the interview and adding to your resume. Highlighting your positive attributes, as opposed to focusing on your past mistakes, will show who you are as a rehabilitated citizen in society.