Clearing your criminal record is the first step to getting back into the job market.

The confidence of knowing your criminal record has been removed to the highest legal extent enhances your chances of receiving the position you desire.

As a prospective hire, it is important to be aware of your rights after clearing your criminal record. In most cases, once you have cleared your criminal record, you may not be required to state the expungement or case ever occurred.

When you are applying for a state license, typically it is required to state an expungement or case has occurred, dependent on the type of criminal record relief you have received and the state’s legal requirements.

Alternately, many employers are not legally allowed to request criminal record information from you, but with the advent of the Internet, finding past arrests and convictions is made simple and accessible to employers.

Determining what you must disclose and what you are legally allowed to deny is an important factor when going into an interview. Although you may legally deny your case, employers greatly value the honest nature of prospective employees. Employers may see your honesty about your past as a reflection of how you will conduct yourself within the company.

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