If you have a criminal record in Dallas, Texas, you may be able to seal your offense. Texas record sealing laws offer a wide array of options to seal your criminal record. If your offense was an arrest, a misdemeanor or felony, a juvenile or an adult criminal record, you may be eligible to seal your Dallas criminal record. Once your criminal record is sealed, it may be easier to get a desirable job and home by passing background checks for employment and housing.
Depending on the level of your offense, you may be eligible to have your criminal record expunged, have your conviction set aside, receive an order of non-disclosure, or seal your juvenile criminal records. The benefit of having so many options available to you is that you have better odds of sealing your Dallas criminal record and of moving on with your life, personally and professionally. The disadvantage having so many options is that it may be difficult to know which method of record sealing is right for you.

After I pick a Method of Sealing My Record, What Next?

The process of record sealing is already complicated and time sensitive, which is why it is vital that you understand the details of your offense and case, and the requirements of the expungement process. While you always have the option to file a petition for record sealing on your own, it is highly advisable that you invest in the assistance of a professional licensed Dallas record sealing attorney.

An experienced Dallas record sealing attorney will understand the requirements of the record sealing process from filing the petition to representing you in court in the event that the District Attorney objects to your petition. An experienced attorney will also be familiar with the Dallas courthouse that will oversee your hearing for record sealing and as such will know what is required to present a compelling case for the judge, helping ensure that your petition will be granted. If you cannot afford to have a private attorney represent you, you should enlist the representation of your local public defender whose services will be relatively inexpensive, if not free.

Once your Dallas criminal record has been sealed, you will be able to pass background checks making it easier to gain valuable employment, professional certificates, bank loans, and desirable housing. To search for employment and housing options for your fresh start in Dallas, visit the Dallas News website at http://www.dallasnews.com/jobs/.

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